Psychoanalysis in Israel:

      Trauma, Anti-Semitism and                              Victimization 

Few chapters in the history of psychoanalysis are as densely packed with transcultural, ideological, institutional, and moral issues as the coming of psychoanalysis to Jewish Palestine – a geopolitical space which bears some of the deepest scars of twentieth-century European, and in particular Jewish history. This talk will bring into focus several points of entry of psychoanalysis into Hebrew culture and offer a birds eye view on the development of psychoanalytic discourse in Israel. In what way has the story of psychoanalysis coming to Israel echoed Jewish experience during the first half of the 20th Century? To what extent has the Israeli experience during the second half of the 20th century influenced the way Israeli analysts listen to their patients today? Are there any particular insights for contemporary psychoanalytic discourse that could be gained from the history of psychoanalysis in Israel? 


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